Sunday, 14 October 2012

WTF Ariana Huffington!?

Why has the Huffington Post created a women's section/version of this PULITZER PRIZE winning news website which was started by a woman (Ariana Huffington)?

A) Does AOL think women and anything related to their lives are so utterly uninteresting to men that they need to segregate any news related to them from the front page news so men are not bothered with our petty issues?

B) Does AOL think women's issues are: "Healthy Living, Taste, Weddings, Etiquette and Advice, Style, Divorce, Celebrity Divorce, Recipes, Love & sex, Horoscopes, Women's Health" and "Post 50" with headlines like:
  • The Moment I Knew I Had To Quit My Job 
  • 6 Ways To Deal With Your Spouse's Annoying Habits 
  • New Katharine Hepburn Exhibit And Book Focus On Her 'Rebel Chic' 
  • Post 50s Weigh In On Vice Presidential Debate 
  • In The Kitchen With Stanley Tucci 

C) Does AOL think women who read the Huffington post need their own page? In shades of Lavender? and that that page should be filled with 99% fluffy garbage?

What message does this send to men about women's issues and how important they are to our society as a whole?

What message does it send to young women that these categories are labelled "women's issues" and that what little news there is does not make the mainstream Huffington post? For example: there is an HPV vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer (and it isn't even at the top of the page.) You can bet if there was a vaccine for prostate cancer it wouldn't be swept to the middle of the "men's page"...oh wait, there isn't a men's page:

 How is this helpful to women or representing our strength and power? WTF Ariana? As editor in Chief I have grown to expect more from you!

Take that feminism, a one-two punch right to ovaries, putting us firmly back in our purple painted place.

Color me unimpressed, Huffington Post.

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