Thursday, 10 February 2011

Emily update

Emily took her first steps today. Three of them in quick succession and then four running steps down the hall later on.

She also is cutting three teeth simultaneously...she started with her two bottom, then her EYE teeth, which is weird, and now she is cutting her two front teeth and on molar on the left side.

She is getting so big. She says more, and Ta (for thank you), and banana, and daddy and Benja, and Mama. She can High five, wave buh-bye and blow a kiss. She also knows the signs for milk, sleeping, eating, and poop (which she then does on her potty).

She's so clever! and man alive that smile!

She also eats like a full sized kid eats. She is phenomenal!

Tomorrow is benjamin's first school play. I am so excited to see my little guy.

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