Friday, 18 May 2007

Why my son is cuter than yours.

First of all I offer up photographic evidence.

I don't know how to put pictures in the text of this, so you will have to click on the link for this photo album:

I told you. Did you see that one of him in the yellow raincoat?

Okay, to prove that my infatuation runs deeper than looks and I am not a shallow, beastly stage-mom, I provide you with evidence of his superior two year old wit and charm.

On the evening of Sunday May 13th, while I was serenading my son in the kitchen with my rendition of I'll Be There, he pushed his chair over to where I was, climbed atop, and grabbed my face in what I assumed would be an appreciative kiss, but rather put his nose to mine and loudly SHUSHED me...with a "BASTA mommy!" as he pointed to the radio, as if to say...I love you lady, but you ain't no Mariah Carey!

On the Morning of Tuesday May 15th the tiny tot I call the fruit of my loins was sleeping soundly at 10 if that was not good enough to win him the title of Son of the Year, he did this: Upon being woken up by his father who soon had to leave for work, he first attempted to ignore his father's nudging by rolling to the other side of the bed, when this did not work he grabbed his face and said to him... "Go. GO!" and pointed to the door and rolled over.

He is SO bossy!

He makes his own jokes in the car and laughs at them...granted I do not know what the punchline IS, but if you heard that giggle, you'd know it was DAMN funny.

Final evidence that he is the cutest boy in the world:

  • Everyday he brings home a flower for me from his walk home from Pre-school.
  • He dances to everything that has a beat, even the ballet channel.
  • He shares his cookies with me, and I don't even have to steal them.
  • He blows me kisses when he is ready to say goodnight.
  • He tells himself bedtime stories.
  • He sings to himself in the morning while having his breakfast.
  • He gives sneak attack bear hugs by hiding in his toy basket next to the couch and springing up on you when you are watching TV.
  • He talks to his very important imaginary Movie agent on his imaginary cellphone that could sometimes be mistaken for his HAND.
  • He eats broccoli like it's candy. (okay that one just proves he's weird, but I think it's awesome!)

Top that!

:-P pthbpthbpthbpthb

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