Sunday, 20 June 2010

What does reality TV have to do with reality anyway?

Okay, so I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to Reality TV. It all started off innocently enough as a research project for my Media and Culture unit for my English A2 classes. I thought I'd examine what these shows say about our society and in fact how they contribute to the degradation of our society.

Then I started looking at the media PACKAGE that goes along with these shows, the websites, the blogs the fansites, the books, there is a virtual empire of press that goes along and with the increase of interactive media being what it is today, not only can you examine the shows and the effect thay have on YOU, you actually get an insight into how it affects the auidence. You can see the anger, the vitrol of the viewers, and the undying loyalty the give, and the human connection these shows obviously provide to what one can only assume is a desperately socially deprived viewership.

Hello, Kettle? This is pot. I'm writing this note to let you know in the kindest way possible, that you are black.

Yes, I am aware of the irony of my statement as I post this on my blog.

Well here comes the worst part. I have been sucked into the vortex that is Bravo TV. I read the blogs. I post comments to them and find myslf feeling egregiously outraged that Bravo fails to post my shamefully frequent and verbose responses to the blogs time and time again. I post comments like "Bravo won't publish this anyway, so I don't even know whay I am writing this but..." I read other people's posts and I shake my head as though to say to myself, channelling my cantankerous grandfather in his battered plaid upholstered armchair, "now that right there is everything that's wrong with these kids today!"

I want to be a part of the great greek chorus, to chime in from the peanut gallery with my two cents, which I am convinced is worth much much more. I am certain that MY comment, if only Bravo would see fit post it, will break through the blogosphere and connect with the person in question and give them something to mull over at night and it will change their lives.

I have lost my bleeding mind. I do know that.

But since I've gone any of you (and by you I mostly mean my two sisters and sometimes my mom, who I am fairly certainly are my only "readership") watch The Real Housewives of New York City, and if you do, do you know what I have been trying/DYING to say to model/writer/fashionista/walking-mannequin Kelly? (Damn Andy Cohen for not choosing my questions for the reunion, BTW!)

This is what happens when people spend their formative years of ages 15-25 surrounded by people that couldn't care less about real issues and who just glaze over everything you say with "OMG you're so gorgeous. I like LOVE those shoes!" This is what happens when you are allowed to go through life never being forced to defend the crap we all spoke as teenagers.

At one point in every intelligent woman's life there comes a time when someone, a teacher, a parent, a boss, a mentor, has pulled her aside and said "You sound like an eff-ing moron. Either start listening and start making sense or marry rich and get a good pre-nup. Because no matter how pretty you are, it's not going to last long enough for you to get away with being that dumb forver." Am I right? That obviously never happened to Kelly. She still thinks she is cute enough to not need to make sense. And her skin looks like bacon. Am I the only one who sees that?!

And if she could at least LAUGH about it. If she could say "Heh, yeah I know I speak a lot of rubbish, I'm just not good at being on the spot. LOL" I could respect her. If she could say "Yeah, I am really shallow and I do not give a toss about real issues or values or all. It's who I am." At least she would be smart enough to know she's a vapid airhead, but she's so far gone she tries to DEFEND her idiocy. She tries to rationalize the irrational. And what's worse still is she thinks she does a pretty good job of making herself understood, and if she can't make you understand, she shouts "why do we have to keep rehashing this, feelings are so 1979, just celebrate who I am."

What the ever living what?!?

Sorry, but I cannot, and will not celebrate stupidity, no matter how cute it looks in satin bunny ears. It is a cancer in our society; it breeds like mould in a bread drawer slowly disintegrating perfectly healthy cells in a matter or whatever...ya know, like...totally...KWIM? OMG! RU 4 REELZ? It's like...



Anonymous said...

Haha! No. I do not watch it, because I barely even watch my basic cable that comes with the apartment lease here, but I might check out past seasons on Hulu now (or follow it if they have new ones posted weekly). I'm more of a fan of Last Comic Standing, America's Got Talent and Design Star... love them!! I've also been watching Work of Art lately too... which despite what Annette says, is wonderful. I need something that inspires my creativity or makes me howl with laughter. Honestly just the idea of watching the Real Housewives of Anywhere makes me angry... no wonder it irks you!! Love you!! I watch daily for your blog, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I've watched a few Hulu episodes and I really don't like Jill and Kelly's just annoying. There you have it.

Anonymous said...

On second thought... I'm watching episode 12 and I've decided to side with you... ugh! Really??!